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"Unlikely medical commercials"


No one who knows these two well would have to be convinced that there is something a lot deeper, a lot more personal in their fabulously successful working relationship than a happy combination of talent and drive.


Martin and Lewis officially (July 25 1946 - ∞)

“It was the same chemistry, and this may sound weird- well, I don’t know how it’s going to sound-that happens when the sperm and egg make contact and can reproduce a magnificent miracle. That’s what we had. I don’t know of any other chemistry that’s as godlike.” - Jerry Lewis

“One has the feeling, that their success as a comedy team mirrors the success of an important personal relationship.” — Sight and Sound critic Daniel Farson 1952

"Manic, edgy, risky, and dangerous, Martin and Lewis broke with the decorous professionalism of showbiz entertainment. Instead of simply running through their routines, they "make live" with one another, igniting a vertiginous process of exchange and reversal that dissolves boundaries and differences. Lewis constantly craves attention, but he needs Martin there to legitimate his actions. The audience needs him, too, as an alibi and pretext for enjoying Lewis’s bewitching excess."

"We’ll only break up when Jerry dies." - Dean Martin

"I’ve said we’ve been together almost a decade. Sometimes as a gag, I say it seems more like 15 years. Actually it’s more like five. And psychologists will tell you…the first 10 years of a marriage are the toughest." - Dean Martin

“Our partnership works because of the way we feel for each other that nobody can duplicate, so there can never be another two-act like this because there’s never going to be two guys who feel this way about each other. There couldn’t be two men who are as close to each other as we are.” - Jerry Lewis


"We’re so close that our minds think like one mind. It’s like telepathy. There’s a very deep and profound love between Dean and me and our act is only good because of this feeling of closeness.” - Jerry Lewis

"Our partnership in many ways is a marriage…. I dare say we’ve spent more time together than most married couples do." - Dean Martin

(On the magic between Martin and Lewis) “If you bottled that, you could save the world. It was this camaraderie they had—a shared sense of humor. It was just a delight.” Peter Bogdanovich

Martin & Lewis (July 25th 1946 - ∞)




Favorite Musical Numbers

I Got Rhythm from “An American in Paris” (1951)